Daydreams Childcare Center accommodates children ages 8 months – 5 years. Children are grouped by age and move to the different classrooms as they grow. Children are seen as confident, active learners whose learning, growth and development are deeply influenced by the quality of their relationships with people and their interactions with places and things. An environment rich in opportunity for sensory stimulation, social interaction, language, explorations and manipulations enhance healthy development and increase children’s potential. We believe play is necessary for children to learn. Explorations and play are a child’s primary way of understanding the world. To reach their full potential and become confident people with love of living and learning children need nurturing relationships and stimulating, safe and caring environments. Daydreams childcare center believes in the importance of play. Play is the way in which children learn. Children’s learning becomes meaningful when they are free to learn at their own rate and in their own way.

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Infant room

Ages 8 months – 18 months

Toddler room

18 months – 3 years

Preschool room

3 years – 4 years

Senior Preschool Room – PrePrimary Program

4 years – 5 years

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