Goals and Objectives

The goal of Daydreams Childcare Center is to provide all children enrolled with a developmentally appropriate program that emphasizes the different areas of children’s development, which are physical, cognitive, emotional and social. Our classrooms are set up with a “hands-on” approach and provide opportunities for both self-directed and teacher directed activities.

Children are given choices as to the activities they participate in. Teachers use observations, interest and abilities of children as well as individual needs in order to determine curriculum. A major goal is positive social interaction.

Much of our preschool groups’ class time is teacher-led group activities and quite structured. Teachers emphasize academic skills and preparations for elementary school. Preschool groups are more structured with various activities taking place at set times. Emphasis is placed on learning numbers, colors, alphabet and early math and reading. Children learn through practice and repetition.

The objective of Daydreams Childcare Center is to provide an environment that will allow children to feel good about themselves, approach challenges with optimism, explore their world with confidence and competence, and ultimately reach their full potential.

Daydreams Childcare Center encourages not just learning, but the love of learning. Our programs are designed to develop in children a sense of independence and responsibility by providing them opportunity to socialize and interact with other children and adults in a variety of structured and unstructured activities. We continually stress the importance of social skills and interactions.

Daydreams Childcare Center believes in positive methods of discipline and establishes consistent and appropriate limits to help children function in their world.

Mission Statement

Daydreams Childcare Center strives to strengthen each child's own identity, while instilling a respect for others.


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